Dating in the time of coronavirus

As if dating wasn’t fraught enough with insecurity and caution. Is the person who they say they are? Do they have a social media and/or digital footprint that can be verified? Are they juggling a multitude of potential recruits for the position of lover in their lives? Are they delusional or firmly grounded in truth and reality? Is that recent picture or…? And on it goes…..

Now there is the coronavirus to contend with. It is almost impossible to view a prospective partner through the lens of plastic goggles, face mask and disposable gloves, let alone be bold enough to hug on meeting for the first time.



For those of us, that need to be extra careful due to immune issues or health sensitivities, it is a hazardous contemplation to even meet, in an open space, a gale blowing or not.

But nothing it seems prevents people from trying. Ignorance and ostriches aside.

What is the rush?

End of the world sex?

Possibly yes. It is good for the immune system so Dr Oz says, though two letters before your name, doesn’t equate to being an internationally recognised virologist.

I know, cause I have two, a D and an R, on my Myers card.

Back to dating. Yes or No?

If a tick in the wrong box can be deadly for someone else, who needs a real doctor in an emergency, then dating without consideration of flattening the curve, social distancing and social isolation, just maybe the ultimate in risk-taking.

Many may have crossed that line already.

I prefer to sit in solitude and casually sip my Saturday ‘quarantini’ or chat on the phone, keeping one eye on the global pandemic numbers as they roll rapidly over.

Fear it seems maybe the ultimate in population control, as we become a world, locked down in home detention.


Photo by Daniel Tafjord on Unsplash

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