The warmth of the son

Navigating the emotional terrain of human interaction is frankly exhausting. It is fraught with danger, it can be unforgiving and aridly relentless.

Remaining professional in the face of hostility and covert bullying, is beyond challenging.

To recover, I lock every door between the exterior world and my soul, and absorb the kindness of love and peace of silence.

Basking in friendship with others is like the warmth of the winter sun, comforting and just the right amount of heat. Finding yourself in a cold, damp swamp of hostile behaviours, has the sour smell of ugliness and the belligerence of jealously.

Some of us simply fail to understand the subtle nuances of emotional colour.

There is no orchestra of dappled shade, no morning rising glow, or moonlight in a blue night.

It is monochrome. It is simple that way.

My way or the highway, right or wrong, sides to be taken, gangs to form…..the petty game of positioning…workplace politics…

The sisterhood are particularly skilled at unfriending. Our brothers often use their fists.



Spending a day in the company of my son looking through a kaleidoscope, was a welcomed reminder of the never-ending palette of creative possibilities.

I like establishing healthy boundaries, being governed by legislated workplace frameworks, choosing my own sacred friends and operating as a adult.

I am warm and safe in company of my bright and curious son.





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