Time to eat cake

My anniversary is due and while I count myself alongside the fortunate ones that have this anniversary to mark, I question whether this milestone is valid or marks anything other than time.

It measures the collective time after the shattering and the start of the new normal, but mostly it acknowledges my commitment to keeping this blog for five years.

Sure I am celebrating life. I do that on a daily basis. Don’t you? I am deeply grateful for all my blessings and all those that I hold dear.

This five-year mark, is an arbitrary timeframe based upon statistical parameters, so how useful is this measure at all?  What happens after five years? That isn’t of much interest to medical researchers. If you are alive, you may be a miracle, an aberration, or you may just be on borrowed time, like the rest of us.

I remember the shock at the delivery of the cold statistical odds at the point of my diagnosis and the flippant way that gratitude should be my only response if I made it past the five-year mark. Of course, this was offered by a specialist who had never been in the driver’s seat of the cancer bandwagon.

When you are, mostly you are just trying to remain sane while you negotiate pot-holed, boggy and unstable ground.

While recognising all our lives are fragile on this blue orb, and that not one of us knows exactly the second we will be pronounced, ‘dead’, we expect more, rather than less.

We are lulled by propaganda that we will eventually earn the right to retire. Just as long as you do according to government policies, and you have enough cash to support yourself, before the apologetic aged pension kicks you, offering a pitiful compensation for the thousands of tax dollars that you have contributed to the communal pot.

After all isn’t that what the career aspirations, big dollar salary, a patch of land, home ownership and superannuation squirreling is all about,..to offset your eventual rapid downhill trajectory?

Time to shut that cynic up, with a big slice of thank you God cake.

So let say Happy C-Free Day and let us pray, that we all have many more of C-Free Days to come, just like me.



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