Bad pennies

Why does this keep happening to me?

We may have heard those words moaned by other people or perhaps said it ourselves in an incredulous tone, as if surprised.

The chorus repeats to the end of the song, and we all sing along like before. 

Many psychologists, therapists, healers and our well meaning friends have offered the obvious karmic platitude of a life lesson unlearnt is repeated.

What if you are the one that has let it go and the another in the equation has not?

Thanks to ‘Stalkbook’, most of us have indulged in a little harmless voyeuristic invasion of someone else’s foolish exhibitionism.

Only those without connection, can throw the  first stone. Are the rest of us all victims and perpetrators?

Are we are so engrossed in our own alternative identities, that we are oblivious to the crumbs that we scatter behind?

Those juicy morsels of experience  that we leave behind, as we travel  through the dark forrest, down the pot-holed path to ‘grandma’s cottage, sometimes lead straight into the open jaws of a sly wolf.

It is true that a public blog can attract those that have ill defined boundaries. So what is the alternative to a social media, connected world?

Do you just jump off the grid and start peddling in your lounge room to fire up your teppanyaki?

Perhaps it is just simpler to block them and treat them as irrelevant and spend not a second of energy more..

No you can’t leave flowers on my father’s grave. If you knew him at all, he would have told you not to bother, cause he won’t be there.






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