The politics of dancing

Prom night is over, so why is that nauseating loud ‘duff duff’ music still playing?  Wasn’t eight weeks enough?

Australians have had a long love affair with voting and dancing and a staunch colonial commitment to ‘keeping the bastards’ honest.

We have been witnessing the ‘age of entitlement’ that many politicians have secured for themselves and their families. The same ‘entitlement’ that they have sought to remove from the ‘common folk’.   The politics of dancing, requires subtle moves, well executed with razor sharp precision. Is that ELO that I hear?

Despite this, some of us have voted for representatives, with some questionable dance moves.

Haven’t we learnt from electing a jerky, pogo jumping,  Midnight Oil front man, who was at odds with the polished moves of privilege within the chamber?

Each politician takes their turn on the fluorescent checkboard floor of parliament and trips the light fantastic, or may not?

There are some deeply questionable people who have secured a hall pass into parliament.  So into the ballroom of political debate,  we have added to the mix, Pauline Hanson, Derryn Hinch, Bob Katter, Nick Xenophon and Jackie Lambie.

There will be tight white pants strutting, strung pearls whipping and aggressive groin posturing until the final vote count has been completed.  There may be a little flirtatious gun action from Bob, a sulk in the corner from the ‘human headline’,  a soap box presentation from Pauline and spontaneous karaoke by Nick, who we know by now, can hold a pretty convincing tune.

There will be old torn leather, tight in all the wrong places, head thrusting, arms flaying and fists punching the air in a rock and roll salute to ‘ Tassie’s lost hope and dreams’. Way to go, Jackie!

Personally I would have liked a short clip on their moves, before voting. There is something profoundly revealing about a dancefloor.


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