Before Miley

‘Yes, I have had a wonderful life, so far’, I heard myself warmly respond to a statement about my prodigious professional career.  I caught myself thinking that my answer was somewhat off mark. In truth my motivation has always been ‘the work’ or ‘service for others’. Power and status have been the rewards, but the cost of keeping an ego in check and dancing with company that I would rather not has tipped the scales in the negative.

I am left wondering if the wild child from the 1980’s is still alive and kicking? Or has she been beaten into submission by the cold fingers of reality?

What will my resume serve after my earthly penance is done? It is not exactly a ‘dead sea’ scroll but rather a record of over-achievement and personal sacrifice, often at too high a price.

Many of us are masters of disguise. Who among us is truly living how they imagined for themselves in their adolescent daydreaming?

So cheers to the 22 year old me, who was not afraid to tell others to ‘piss off’ and poke her tongue at the status quo. I have learnt to use my words however adult decorum and political correctness has ruined a structurally superior response.



With Brett Keyser [Innocent Bystanders] in the driveway of Ashburton Street


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