May 2016 be an Annus Mirabilis

If you are thinking didn’t Queen Elizabeth ER mention something about ‘Annus’ in the 1990’s , at the marking of her 40 years of accession, you would be correct. Clever you!

It was however of the ‘horribilis’ kind. A year that included a scandalous biography of  a self harming bulimic, a right royal divorce and a toe-sucking photo in a greasy tabloid. And then the old tent, Windsor Castle almost burned down, taking the history of portraiture of questionably unattractive toffs with it.

A year that was marked with tragedy and loss. One that West Australians would colloquially file under ‘munted’.  Excuse the ‘f’ word.

Wind the clock forward and much as been forgotten with a new gang of educated, helicopter flying, gun totting community focused young royals and their rosy cheeked infants.  Oh Bless!

There is however now undeniable proof that you can come from a place that has been left off the map on occasions due to its insignificance, fall in love with a Prince in a  Sydney pub and find your arse on a throne on the other side of the world.  Way to balance the dharma scales. You rock Taswegians!

May 2016 be an Annus Mirabilis. A year of miracles. Let’s pray together that:

  • the Kardashians instantaneously combust and take Kayne and Donald Trump with them and any other idiot with too much money and no empathy with anyone who doesn’t own a Hermes wallet or have gold pillars inside their apartment.
  • every time a politician deceives (proven or intended) $10,000 from that lying bastard politician’s pension fund is allocated to charities to support the homeless.
  • the other countries of the world introduce plain packaging of cigarettes and ban the sale of pre-mixed drinks to under 21 year olds.
  • global gun exchange has the promise of education and employment and housing estates are disbanded.
  • global super stars are repositioned from fleckless music talent shows back to the galaxy where they originally belong
  • cultural awareness is balanced with harmony and reason and simple mathematics is elevated to one world – one world = zero world.

Join with me in shouting ‘Dumb Ass!! in 2016 repeatedly as morons grabble with the simple. I wish you another Annus Mirabilis year in Pixie Land.





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