Flawed and fragile and out of balance

‘Do  you know a good general practitioner?’ This question is often asked in desperation. It is not only asked in regional communities. I had the same general practitioner for 20 years when I lived in Perth, West Australia. Her approach was don’t mess around, go to the best. This was an expensive exercise that is not afforded to everyone.

Health is expensive regardless if you have medical insurance. If you take any measure that is not sanctioned by the allopathic model (breast reduction surgery), or you need an answer in less than 6 weeks or more, (genetic testing) , then dig into your pocket.

The balance post cancer is ‘taking action with good intent and not with fear’.  We all know what it is that we ‘should do’ and still we don’t holding onto the slither of hope that such cruel fate is reserved for another person. Those of us who have walked the road, know that isn’t true. It is just as likely to be you, or maybe greater, you again.

It is easy to point at the ‘overweight’ and think that cancer will visit them alone. My father would argue that ‘sugar, fat and refined grains’ will kill you early and at 100 who is going to tell him he is wrong. We have all heard stories of the chain-smoking, whiskey-swilling, bacon-munching person that never moved any distance that wasn’t absolutely necessary and lived to their 80’s or 90’s.  Conversely the pious, abstainer of any stimulant that was stuck with multiple lesions of cancerous malevolent intent and exited peevishly in their 50’s.

It is challenging to stay focused on the balance. It is much more interesting to shift one’s focus onto the mundane, to surrender to the whirlpool of the insignificant detail of lives fractured by the common state of being simply, human – flawed and fragile.

What will our great grandchildren think of the facile Kardashians who think naming a child, ‘Saint’ is suitable for someone who has had a ‘difficult labour’? Try giving birth at 12 year of age, alone in a field. That mother will more than likely never be able to carry another baby to term again, a child borne from incest, child marriage or rape. Born into poverty, ignorance and prejudice. I will not buy a single product, or read a single magazine or watch a single minute of anything that has a Kardashian in the title or script. What idiots! A ‘Saint’ is usually accompanied by miracles. It is a miracle if someone doesn’t blow his parents up!

And still the buzz of such flies lure my attention from the balance to maintain my own health. With Christmas upon us, I have reconnected with chocolate, of the dairy kind! Oh devious sweet, in Santa and bear shapes, how you mock my resolve!

Finding a good GP is one thing, but managing your own health via your intuition, practice of meditation and other physical activities is the key to maintaining sanity so that you are not swept along for a barrage of tests that create stress through economic hardship and debt. I’m not convinced that GP’s have come that far from Dickensian days of blood letting and test tubes. It is always about choice, balance and moderation.

Repeat after me, “chocolate is not your friend, chocolate is not your friend”. Here comes a NY resolution all wrapped up in own recycled shiny paper.



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