irreplaceable precious vessel

In shades of green and grey,  my battles lost and won are reflected back as I stare into the mirror

Across the palest of skin where the tides of emotion have not lashed, lies beneath a younger woman’s aspirations of dreams unmet

This vessel  that I have tortured with drugs, food, wine and regret, how callous am I, for you have climbed mountains in  bitter frost

You have vanquished invaders, conquered unfathomable heights and mined deep to find solace and comfort in the damp dark

No longer is this flesh rose bud fresh, wanted and desired for this is the landscape of the young, not the promise for the old

Within this barnacled vessel resides an enquiring mind, bejewelled with courageous spirit and a heart that taps rhythmically on the side

For all that you are not, is too easy to measure, but for all that you are too simply forgotten –  irreplaceable precious vessel.



2 Replies to “irreplaceable precious vessel”

  1. Beautiful my friend !!
    Yes it is a world for the young but youth is wasted on the young .
    It’s only as we turn the corner into our middle years that we realise how wonderful it was to be fit , healthy , desirable and gorgeous ❤️


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