Dru Yoga – the oil of acceptance

I have tested the waters of yoga before and I have enjoyed the experience and benefited from the results. There are many types of yoga and all require the right teacher, and I have found mine, in Sarah Collin.

Dru Yoga is fundamentally about awareness of mind and body, and a practice of staying in the moment. It is not about the perfect ‘asana’ or posture. This is just as well, as the perfectionist in me has been actively releasing the need to quantify ever aspect against a self imposed review criteria.

Dru Yoga involves gentle flowing postures and movement sequences that release the energy blocks that often underlay painful emotions and disease. It also incorporates breath awareness, visualisation, affirmations and relaxation techniques.

For me it offers all this, and a small group of like-minded joyous women who are welcoming and willing to share the teacher that they have all found.  Juliette and I have found her through our massage therapist and healer, Alice Douglas.

I have struggled with limited movement in my spine for over 20 years, from the result of car accidents. It has caused me great pain and discomfort and impacted on my life in so many ways. It is not an easy pursuit to gain strength and often my foray into gym work has had disappointing and painful outcomes.

Last week watching my dear friend Juliette attempt the ‘boat’ brought forth giggles, which were a welcome relief from the tears that had been released a few moments before by the rigidity of my spine and incapacity to lie flat on my back. Her presence in my life is one of the gifts of experiencing cancer.

Acceptance is a long road, often flooded with tears and with many unexpected turns. I thank God for people who enter my life like Juliette, Alice and Sarah, who make the journey bearable through their wisdom and kindness.

More information about Dru Yoga  and Sarah’s approach can be found at http://www.highaspirations.com.au





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