Winning Team

There is no doubt about it, winning feels great! Winning at all costs, perhaps not, unless the battle is for your life. Even then, there is a point at which treatment side effects outweigh the advantage of breath. Perhaps there simply is no energy left to fight.

I have come to AFL football late in life, but have a renewed interest in the game. I have spent many a year consoling my sons at the loss of their team. Their disappointment tinged with the ribbing that was due next school yard contest. Being a Fremantle Dockers fan has not been an easy road. From the unveiling of the v-necked jumper in purple, red, green and white in 1995, it was a road paved with blood, sweat and tears.

Back then, talk back radio was filled with insinuations of effeminate and poorly chosen colours, and outrage was reflected in the incredulity that Perthites should require another team when they had the high flying West Coast Eagles.

Royal blue and yellow is still worn proudly against a backdrop of a Victorian rainbow of red, white, blue, black, yellow and brown. The Dockers, Port and the Gold Coast Suns followed on trend to inject a little colour sophistication using aqua, orange and yellow, as tribal marks.

In 2013, the Dockers finished 2nd on the ALF ladder, losing in the Grand Final to Hawthorn by 15 points. This year, both teams are faring well. Dockers remain first  on the ladder. West Australian’s team are sailing with the wind but there is always the potential of stormy seas ahead. Like recovery, each day, like every match is the only focus that matters. In the end, win or lose, the journey will be the defining record in which the final event is viewed.



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