Because you asked me

People have asked me, what did you use during chemotherapy to assist yourself. I experimented with products, some worked and others didn’t.  Although I read ad nauseam (excuse the pun) about chemo, some of the best tips came from other consumers and nurses.

1. Use a straw when you drink. This bypasses your taste buds. For me, everything tasted like metal.

2. Use plastic forks and spoons. I won’t insult you by suggesting that you imagine you are on a picnic.

3. Drink pear juice diluted in water. I will never be able to drink it again and since I didn’t drink it before, I am not missing it. It was more pleasant than water, which I could not stomach.

4. Steamed zucchini (not too hot, as you will remove the lining of your mouth) seemed to cleanse the palate and remove the ‘thrush’ in my mouth.

5. Small meals, more often, but try and avoid overdoing the carbs. You will regret that later.

6. Mouth hygiene is essential. Rinse with bicarbonate (or mouth wash), use gum gel and use a new toothbrush at start of each round of chemo. I was diligent with mouth hygiene and had no mouth ulcers.

7. Hydrate your skin everyday. There are too many products to mention on this one but I suggest a natural one without chemicals. I mixed my own up adding a organic rose oil (Revilo), avocado skin cream (McArthur Natural Products) and (Bio) oil in a plain sorbolene base. Revilo products are available at


8. Use a scalp cream to keep your scalp moisturised and ready for new hair growth.

9. Take Vitamin D and if possible take 15 minutes of ‘gentle’ sunlight a day. You will feel better.

10. Recite often – ‘This too will pass’. It doesn’t feel like it, but it will and it did.Image




4 Replies to “Because you asked me”

  1. Both my nephew and my mum used the tea from aboriginal bush medicine harvested from the maroon bush and this controls chemo-caused ulcers on mucus linings. I have heard it called Yamadji Juice but know this isn’t the correct name and can’t think of the botanical name at the moment. This can bring enormous difference in comfort – I’ve watched it! 🙂


  2. This is a great piece of information !! I will save it , you never know who may need it !!very selfless to share your photos too. You are gorgeous with or without hair , but maybe a little more with it 🙂 xxx


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