Serving self

The simplest of bodily functions, when not functioning well, can be alarming. Ageing brings with it new issues that our younger selves took for granted. Somehow the majority of us, managed to consume litres of alcohol and are still standing, kidneys intact. There are many of us who may admit to a little LBL after a run, laugh or lifting the washing basket.

Many of us have bought into the convenience lie and eaten at least some high fat, high sugar, high salt and low nutrition meals for under $5.00. I am among them, but I can honestly say I haven’t had the ‘golden arch’ food or their rivals, in the past 15 years.

I recently engaged in the activity of the exploration of my colon. Gross? While not the subject matter of great novelists, the health of the colon should be higher on our list of ‘things to take care of’. All is well for me, so for that I am pleased.

Chemotherapy has left me with a less functional nervous system, so the list of suitable foods shrinks again. Hydration is on the top of the list of ‘to do’s’ and a life time of colon support. Sexy?

It is easy to become neglectful of the basics in life. As Dylan says, ‘You have to serve somebody, it may be the Devil or it may be the Lord, but you have to service somebody’. For me, that is a ‘no brainer’ however I am learning to serve my needs before those of others.  This is a new landscape for me.




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