Bowen Therapy – My experience

I am an advocate of Bowen Therapy. Simply put, all therapy application is dependant upon the ability of the practitioner and the receptivity of the client. It is reminiscent of a lock and a key.

Nanette Darlington is a practitioner who is very experienced in the modality of Bowen Therapy. I have had two sessions as part of holistic complementary care at SolarisCare in Bunbury to address painful bursitis in my left hip. I trust any mature aged woman that can demonstrate physical flexibility of a 20 year old.

I had undertaken my due diligence and identified a web site with over 100 comments from people distressed with painful and persistent bursitis. I learned that chemotherapy the ‘gift that keeps giving’ is responsible for osteopenia, (bone thinning) and that the poisonous cousin, radiation is its partner in crime.

Several weeks ago, I convinced myself that I was 20 and that engaging in house painting was essential. Somehow it didn’t occur to me that wedging myself low on a foot stool and stretching around the obstacle of the toilet may result in overextension of a joint that was already under stress due to too much body weight.

A visit to my oncologist resulted in a suggested $960 bone density test to confirm that ‘secondaries’ aren’t lurking. Though MRI and ultrasounds pick up bursitis, these were not endorsed as ‘oncology’ does not use these as primary tools and as such a non specialist referral is not ‘rebatable’. Are you thinking WTF?

Welcome to the world of cancer survivors!

For a bone scan, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry is used to measure bone mineral density. It is the tool in which osteoporosis is identified. The thought of injecting more radiative substances into my body holds little appeal regardless of the cheery ‘roughly the same as you would receive daily from your general environment’.  Any bells ringing yet?

While injections of cortisone in the bursa are one of the options, it is not recommended by some specialists due the potential damage to the muscle. The collected wisdom of the net supports, the use of Yoga, Krill Oil, Acupuncture, TENs machine, muscle relaxers (to sleep) and cold packs to reduce inflammation. Occasionally surgery is recommended to remove an inflamed bursa.

For now I am content undertake Bowen Therapy and Kinesiology healing, stretch regularly, use ice and heat packs intermittently and apply Zen ( a wonderful product available in health stores) which has greatly reduced my inflammation. The immediate challenge for me in to learn to live with uncertainty rather than morphing into a scan addict and ending up bankrupt.



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