Embracing the new normal

Blue stockings

1. a woman with considerable scholarly, literary, or intellectual ability or interest.
2. a member of a mid-18th-century London literary circle: Lady Montagu was a celebrated bluestocking.

I declare that intelligent woman the world over be acknowledged by a ‘Blue Stocking’ day. Immediately a small issue comes to mind. Apart from the archaic British colonial 18th century reference, there is the question of suitability. Is it out of place for a Nairobi politician to don nylon? Is it practical for a scientist in the jungles of Sumatra? Will women in hard hats up north in Western Australia in the red dust contemplate the firm melt of a good pair of hose?

Resoundingly no I suspect will be the chant against the ‘blue stocking’. However it is written and I quote that ‘women tend to suffer more from built-in stress, particularly woman of high intelligence’. It is proposed by Ross Horne ( The Health Revolution) that stress is often caused by a continuous state of maladjustment and insecurity arising from childhood trauma and living with perpetual unresolved societal equality. The more intelligent a women is, the more likely she will not only notice this discrepancy, but challenge it, and attempt to change it so that is is equitable. A successful happy relationship may alleviate stress from childhood trauma.

The causal link between stress and ill health is undeniable.That is without the additional stress of modernity, heartbreak, death, loss, grief, and regular interaction with the incompetent and Neanderthal. However such awareness of the impact of stress is downplayed. Imagine the revolt of the poor illiterate masses if the opiate of the poor, ‘ religion’, had been proved debatable in the 12th century? Where would the church have amassed it’s wealth, if not our of the grubby calloused hands of the proletariat?

So who are you? Are you driven by ambition, curiosity, creativity, adventure? Do you find yourself in countless situations of stress resulting from over-commitment, excitement, frustration and fatigue? Hello, Personality A. Are you unruffled by traffic and artificial deadlines? Do you simply plod along, taking one step at a time and remain mostly unruffled by the onslaught of demands? You are probably Personality B. Before you start congratulating yourself on your ability to deal with stress, you are someone who actively chooses to avoid stressful situations in the first place.

About now the ‘resilience’ bandwagon rolls in. A ‘s are likely to have suffered more and have developed some level of resistance to the acuteness of the stressor. B’s tend to cope less effectively when stress beats down their door, but they are less likely to be home. We have all heard versions of the Holmes and Rahe (University of Washington Medical School) ‘Social Re-adjustment Scale’.

Death of spouse rates 100, followed by divorce 73, martial separation 65, jail term 63, death in the family 63, personal injury or illness 53, marriage 50, job dismissal 57, martial reconciliation 47, retirement 45 and Christmas at 12, etc. A total of 150 within 12 months equated with 51% portability of becoming ill within 2 years and with a total of 300, your chance increased to 80%. It is worth your time to review your current status @ http://mind tools.com/pages/article/newsTCS_82.htm

In a space of two years, my score was 605! Is it any wonder that I was diagnosed with breast cancer of the non-hormonal kind? It seems ludicrous that I thought that it was possible to ‘soldier on’. A blue stocking who once couldn’t see the diamanté from the dazzle. I have learned the importance of remaining in integrity with my authentic self, the protection of effective boundaries and the word, ‘prefer’. Armed with these tools and a stronger weave of support, I am practicing ‘being in the world in a new way’.


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