Bijas of consciousness

A visit to a naturopath is one in which evokes approval, or amusement, curiosity and /or pity from others. This has been the case with friends, colleagues, medical specialists and general practitioners, when the word has spilled from my lips. It is as if I have foolishly been swindled of real health treatments or that I am deluded regarding the impact of my past diagnosis.
I have a central cord of conservatism, so suggestions of rare exotic compounds of fine powdered bark or bone or strange machines that flood my body in shades of colour as primary treatment strategies do not clove me in comfort. I am too pragmatic and practical for this. A suggestion of the healing power of nutrition, detoxification of tissues and re-hydration principles and controlled short term high level anti-oxidant use, is more favourable and mostly well supported in research.
However it is not recommended by allopathy to engage in such practices as good simple folk have been buried in the pursuit of natural cures. ( My initial consultant breast surgeon was quick to trot out this statement, but failed to understand the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy.) (We buried a woman last week who thought she could cure herself naturally). This was offered by a survivor, without cancer details which make a significant difference, primary? secondaries? metastasised ?
My oncologist proclaimed that there was no empirical studies to support the use of high level anti-oxidants as they interfere with chemotherapy which creates free radicals to kill off cancer cells, effectively undermining the potent treatment. This same treatment which has 50% chance of saving 1 additional woman’s life and 11% chance of reduction of reoccurrence with statistics like mine, where 76% of women will never have a reoccurrence. In women, where metastasis and/or lymph node involvement has already occurred, this can be a significant within the 1-3 year probable reoccurrence timeframe. Smoke and mirrors, shades of grey, the same out of tune waltz.
Naturopaths and traditional healers state that taking specific combined anti-oxidants can dramatically reduce the side effects and can work with specific chemotherapy drugs to increase outcomes by supporting elimination and detoxification. While allopathic reverence is made to maintaining a nutritious diet, in reality many undertaking harsh treatments will not be able to endure sore mouths, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting to maintain a balanced diet, yet be able to afford to eat using organic eggs, chicken, vegetables and fruits.
The roller coaster of societal life has little compassion for healing and few people are equipped for marathons. I am gathering my armour, taking responsibility for my own health recovery program and demonstrating self kindness and compassion. My regime, includes the previously mentioned, faith, guided visualisation, meditation, alkaline diet, supplements, organic food, rest, exercise, mindfulness and love. Of the last I have an abundance, as I am blessed by a wonderful man and my sons, life long and recently acquired soul mates, friends, and elders and new family members from relational ties.
There are moments in life where words uttered without agenda deliver gifts of freedom. This was the case, after disclosing that I was adopted and without medical history, the naturopath quipped, ‘no matter, lets look at your eyes’. He took pictures and uploaded them immediately and reviewed them, stating that I had a strong constitution and my genetic blueprint was without weakness. My father had gifted me with genetic strength. Previously to cancer, I had enjoyed years of medication free health. I had however for 20 years endured high levels of stress, high cortisol levels, emotional trauma and drastic and repeated changes in my career and personal life and for the past 12 been deprived of vitamin D and had experienced early menopause. It was the first time that my birth father’s contribution to my life had been acknowledged in a positive way. I appreciated the sensitivity in a time of harsh reality.
Despite the advice from the allopathic debate team, I have chosen my health recovery team and strategies, including the gathering of lost bijas from the past.


One Reply to “Bijas of consciousness”

  1. Your clarity and wisdom continue to inspire me. I agree wholeheartedly that we are either ridiculed or jollied along by Western medical practitioners when we utter the ‘natural’ word, as if we are gullible children being lulled by lollies instead of what is best for our bodies. Having said that, I too am skeptical about powdered fairy dust and mushroom tea and a host of other ‘remedies’ being trotted out by ‘healers’ so a balance then? Keep journeying on, for what its worth, I am with you.


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