Big Pharma’s Australian cousin

Last time I looked Australia was a democracy. I have since discovered that cancelling a heart appointment for an Electrocardiograph results in protocol which requires your referring doctor’s permission. I think not. I appreciate that the $420 price tag with no rebate, is enough reason to cancel for some, and perhaps there is some payment plan, though I did not ask. I was too stunned by the follow up permission required. I declined the procedure and raised concern for my individual right of refusal.
Walking the road less travelled evokes fear, in not only myself. Another misguided fool, the subtext of conversation and facial expressions. I acknowledge that most health care professionals are driven by genuine care and concern for your well being. They are however used to compliant frightened folk, who shuffle in and follow directions, and who will be guided back onto the path when behaviour is deemed non-compliant. If you refuse, they threaten with ‘protocol’.
In almost every interaction with an employee of the medical machine, fear is part of the transaction. There is a need to re-clarify if you understand the difference between in situ, localised and systemic. While at the early stage of cancer, it is a matter of grey, if systemic occurrence has commenced, the strike force approach is applied.
The medical model is a five card deck. Surgery, hormonal pharmaceuticals, radiation , chemotherapy and death. The last might be only a ‘reaction’ to cancer and not a ‘side effect’ of the proposed cure.


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